No outsourced staff. We do not outsource our offering. Everyone you speak to are VISN-IT employees. The benefits of this are:
1) We get to know your company from the bottom up.
2) We understand your business requirements
3) We are able to monitor and respond much quicker to all requests.


Invested in best-in-class tools. The significant investment in our backend tools and processes are owned and operated by VISN-IT. We do this to ensure all products; hardware, software and applications are maintained to industry best practices.


Key vendor relationships. We have and maintain strong key relationships with the vendors we provide. By offering and supporting just a handful of vendors, we are able to stay trained, certified and focused. Plus, because of our deep relationship, we have a preferred phone number to call, leading to faster problem resolution.


Preferred vendor pricing. Preferred vendor pricing. Our vendor relationships afford us the ability to offer strong pricing throughout our product offering.


Live answer by an expert. Having our own Service Desk ensures your call will be answered LIVE and guarantee to have a experienced, competent, and friendly VISIN-IT technician working on the problem within 30 minutes of opening a ticket.


Rapid problem resolution. Our strong employee technical presence allows us to escalate problems from level I to level III as quickly as we need to. We do not have to wait for an outsourcing company to report back to us for a resolution.


No cookie cutter plans. Our  solution includes on-site implementation and maintenance, hosted cloud or VISIN-T cloud, based on what is the best solution for you. We allow you to make this decision based on your comfort level, not what is best for us. 


No surprises. When you hire us to complete a project for you, we guarantee to deliver precisely what we promised to deliver, on time and on budget. we offer our project and support agreements on a fixed-fee basis so you know exactly what you’re going to play, not a penny more.


Raving fan base. The strength of our company is in our proof of relationship. Since 1992 we have worked with many New York & New Jersey SMB clients. As you read through comments from happy clients, you will appreciate why companies of all sizes work with VISN-IT: Length of relationships, professionalism of personnel, experience of technology and industry, are some of the key reasons to partner with VISN-IT.