IT Support | Brooklyn, NY

For many of our clients, VISN-IT provides complementary resources to their own IT personnel. Whenever they require skill sets they don’t have on their team, or extra hands to handle unusually busy periods we add the specialists they need. However, some of our clients want us to manage their entire IT operations.

For those clients, our total VISN solution delivers a completely managed IT experience. Many small and medium sized businesses want to have their own IT department but cannot justify the expense. Rather than hire people you don’t fully know how to evaluate, or spend thousands on tools and training, you can tap into the expertise, the experience, and the extensive resources that VISN-IT has built over the past twenty years.

Small Business IT Support

We provide professional IT Support in Brooklyn, NY. We become your IT department, and our IT managers become part of your management team, discussing technology options, helping to plan for new ways to leverage technology to grow your business, and providing every support you and your people need to make information technology your ally and your competitive weapon.

Simplify IT, making it a regular, predictable recurring expense. Eliminate sudden surprises and excess costs. Turn IT into a profit generator rather than a cost burden. Ask us about Total VISN, the complete managed IT Service Program.

Our Services


Cyber Security

The most advanced threat to any company is securing your network and your data. VISN-IT provides this security with the processes and practices we implement to help protect your network.



Managed Services
& 24/7 Helpdesk Support

VISN-IT’s Managed Services provides day-to-day ongoing support of your IT network infrastructure and applications allowing you to focus on your business. Our high-performance, cost-effective technology solutions permits us to maintain peak operational performance of your IT network for a flat-rate fee.



Cloud Computing

When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you’re on a strict budget, VISN-IT’s cloud computing solutions can help.



Backup & Recovery

Recovery of vital data and keeping your business running in the wake of a disaster are possibilities which must be carefully planned for, and VISN-IT provides the support you need to produce a highly effective, comprehensive plan that leverages cloud technology, remote server hosting, and management of wireless devices, networks and data.




NetConnect, our sister company, is a professional services firm specializing in Information Technology to optimize its clients’ business performance and profitability. Our solutions help customers meet their short-term needs, while building toward common long-term objectives.




Many find the word “virtualization” confusing. This may be, in part, because it is used to define several related though not identical concepts. Each of these concepts focuses on a different part of your information management infrastructure.