Network Penetration Testing in Staten Island, NY


Is your network safe and protected from attack?  Are you sure?  We offer network penetration testing services in Staten Island, NY.  Our team of security professionals will ensure that your IT systems, processes, and people are protected against hackers, viruses and malware.  IT risks need to be understood and the costs of safeguarding your assets can manageable and affordable. By performing a network penetration test, you gain complete visibility into the risks facing your IT environment.  Penetration testing is an essential assessment for companies that depend heavily on IT systems and processes to run their businesses.

A VISN-IT network penetration test empowers you to define your risks clearly, and then develop an approach to restructuring your security program, with policies and procedures that address those risks head on.

  • Your team will be headed by a specialists who handles nothing but information security.
  • You will be joined by an analyst thus leveraging the experience and expertise from an industry specific and knowledgeable person.
  • All work is fully audit-able, and adheres 100% to industry best practices.
  • Your penetration test assessment can become the foundation for a company wide IT Governance, Risk and Compliance security program.