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New StorageCraft Partner Success Program Boosts Profit Paths Across All Channel Partner Business Models

Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — StorageCraft®, whose mission is to protect all data and ensure its constant availability, today announced the launch of the StorageCraft Global Partner Success Program. The program has been completely refreshed to make it easy and highly profitable for channel partners to build and expand their presence in the business continuity category using the StorageCraft suite of products.

In August, StorageCraft introduced OneXafe, a converged data management and data protection platform, and ShadowXafe, a next generation data protection solution. These solutions, in combination with the company’s ShadowProtect and Cloud Services DRaaS, give channel partners access to StorageCraft solutions that span the entire business continuity category.

The StorageCraft Partner Success Program is comprised of three tiers: Certified Partner, Premier Partner and Elite Partner.

Key elements of the Program include:

Enhanced Profit and Margin Opportunity: Partners will benefit from enhanced profit levers including larger up-front and tier-based discounts, new back-end rebates and regular SPIFF programs.

Flexibility: The Partner Success Program has been specifically designed to let partners buy modularly. Partners are rewarded on any mix of product adoption to ensure optimum revenue, growth and expansion opportunity.

Market and Revenue Creation & Protection: StorageCraft has overhauled its proposal-based MDF program, making it more broadly available, now including the top three partner levels, as well as adding pre-configured marketing tools. The company has also revamped deal registration to improve partner margin and overall deal protection including enhanced protection in cases where the deal registered partner loses the deal to another StorageCraft Partner.

Ease of Business: The entire suite of StorageCraft business continuity solutions is available through distribution partners Lifeboat, Synnex and Tech Data. This ensures easy and ubiquitous access to market potential of the business continuity category.

Infrastructure Support: Partners can access billing, training, pricing, marketing, MDF, SPIFF tools and information via the StorageCraft Partner Success Program Portal, which uses multi factor authentication (MFA) and highly redundant providers like This robust infrastructure ensures high availability for partners as they conduct business 24/7, plus provides them the ability to scale with ease.

Supporting Quotes:

Joe Ambrosole, President at NetConnect
“StorageCraft has been on a steep innovation ramp the last few months. We are impressed with their direction and have been extremely excited to work with their new disaster recovery software stack. The SLA Policy orchestration and visualization in ShadowXafe is going to be disruptive in the market. These new solutions dovetail into their new partner program without leaving our MSP business model behind. They have done a great job retaining the important existing program elements, while paving the way for these new solutions to be sold through MSPs like us.”

Lloyd Wolf, President and CEO of Wolf Consulting
“Our clients trust us to deploy and manage their IT infrastructure. They put their backup and business continuity needs in our hands. This is not a responsibility we take lightly and is why we place great scrutiny on our vendor partnerships. Our partnership with StorageCraft has been fantastic. Their MSP Subscription-Based Licensing is attractively priced and allows us to license the exact quantity of software licenses we need for our clients each month. The portal allows our team to easily manage the licenses, activate new licenses, deactivate existing licenses, and obtain serial numbers. On the occasions when our team needs help, the priority technical support has been great. Considering everything, including the technology, pricing, service and support, the StorageCraft partner program is a top choice in the industry.”

Marvin Blough, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at StorageCraft  
“Rather than type-cast partners into a box, we have constructed the StorageCraft Global Partner Success Program to be highly flexible and modular so they can create tailored and differentiated solutions and services around their business model. This way, we ensure they can successfully service and profit from every aspect of the business continuity category.”

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Organizations keep their critical information always safe, accessible, and optimized with StorageCraft’s data protection, data management and business continuity solutions. StorageCraft’s powerful data protection offerings deliver instant, reliable, and complete data recovery and eliminate downtime. Our innovative converged primary and secondary scale-out storage platform, with integrated data protection, solves data growth challenges, is efficient and easy to use for on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid deployments. For more information, visit

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