VISN-IT Is Always Available to Attend to our Needs.

They have supplied us with excellent client service since day one. The technical group will collaborate with one another in any given situation to assure they are resolving the issue correctly. Although we know VISNT-IT isn’t the least expensive IT consultant out there, we know that our issues will be resolved in a timely fashion and with experts who know what they are doing.


The Incredible Knowledge That Comes With VISN-IT Is Well Worth It

When we started with VISN-IT the past IT company had configured our equipment using non-standard corporate technologies. Problems which should have taken a few minutes seemed to take hours to fix. Being a dental office and not being computer people we didn’t realize this until we hired VISN-IT.

Although their price was more than what we were used to paying the problems stopped. They informed us what was required and we allowed them to make the necessary changes. WOW, what a difference. Our network operates the way it should: X-rays, scans, scheduling of appointments are quick and easy.

Once the network was fixed, the day-to-day client service we receive from them is “definitely great”. The techs are always ready and willing to help. The peace of mind knowing our back up and replication is external to our location is a very worry free experience for the doctor and the entire staff.

“I would recommend these guys to anyone.”

Dental Office Manager

Customer Service Plays A Crucial Role

As a customer service company ourselves, we understand the vital importance of providing top level service to clients. We have been with VISN-IT for over 5 years and they have consistently exceeded our expectations when it comes to customer service. From a quick turn-around of phone calls to having a person or people on-site for major issues always makes us feel we are in the front line for them.

We have had experiences of viruses, data loss, complete outages but it always seems this company has the answer and repairs the problem as quickly as possible. One of the worst problems we had was two years go when we were hit with ransomware. The team came in found the problem, cleaned the machines, and restored over 1.5TB of data overnight and we were ready for business the next morning. I believe there aren’t many IT companies that could have pulled that off.

“You cannot tell it has taken VISN-IT many years to develop their skill set. They just make it look to easy.”

Building Planning Consultant


You Cannot Put a Price On High Security Security While Protecting Highly Confidential Information

I worked 15 years at a large corporation where we had our own IT department at our disposal. When we split from the large corporation to open our own boutique investment firm, I went through many different IT service companies until I found VISN-IT. The prompt and efficient services I was used to at the large hedge fund, with all the high security features that we must have, was implemented by VISN-IT. They employ a great support technical staff that maintains our computers whenever we need. I have now been with VISN-IT for over a year and have had little to no problems. They are pleasant to work with, very open to suggestions and attentive to our high security needs.

Associate to CEO, Hedge Fund.

Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure Clients are PROTECTED

In the IT world, client service and response time is probably one of the areas that is most critical. VISN-IT responds to all our non-critical daily requests within 30 minutes. With critical issues, I have personally had dialogue with a technical member of the team on weekends, and after hours so that down time was kept to a minimum. Monitoring is expensive, and neither of the two IT companies we had prior to VISN-IT have done it. However, after experiencing several spam/ransomware attacks (due to vulnerabilities left by previous IT companies) I am convinced monitoring is very necessary and less expensive in the long run.

President, Import/Export Enterprise.

Problems Are Resolved as Quickly as Possible

VISN-IT is always quick to help with emergencies. Throughout the years they have shown they can adapt to any situation. If additional knowledge is required, you will often find your tickets being bumped to a high level technician. VISN-IT keeps you in the loop to show their progress and a sense of how long something will take to complete. Monitoring has prevented our server from shutting down in the past as well as exposing issues before we even notice them.

Administrator, Private School.

Yet We Run Into The Same Type Computer Problems as Larger Companies.

It’s clearly not cost effective for us to have a full time IT person on board and so we engaged VISN-IT to provide that service about 10 years ago and the rest is history. The service department is always available to access our individual desktops and address any issues we may have. There is never a complaint about the amount of time we take even though we are charged a flat fee. Just as important, the service technicians make every effort to accommodate us in terms of time. If we are busy with work, they access our computers after hours and weekends. VISN-IT allows me to sleep better at night knowing that if something goes wrong with the data it can be easily restored quickly.

CFO, Real Estate Developer

Our IT Comfort Continues to Grow

We hired VISN-IT in May of 2014. What a difference an IT company can make. We felt like a second class citizen with our last IT provider. The techs of VISN-IT came in and cleaned everything up. Our network is working the way we always thought it should.

They always seem to have the answer when addressing a problem. For this reason I will say “you get what you pay for”. We are very comfortable with our security and “we are no longer worried about hackers or viruses”.

Executive Director, NJ Housing